Rental Agreement

Time rented  will be from 10PM to 2AM and guests displaying a wristband at the door will not have to pay the cover charge until 11pm

No cancellations or refunds will be given. The payment can be transferred to a new date only if Joe’s is able to book the date with another customer. In that case if the event is re-scheduled Lessee will pay a $100 re-scheduling fee.  

All guests must use the regular line.  If conditions during the night of the event permit we will do our best to bring those with the wristband to the front of the line. All guests must be 19 and have proper identification. Lessee cannot charge cover, any other entry fee or sell wristbands at the door or anywhere on the Lessor’s property during the party, without the expressed written permission of Joe’s Brewery. Lessee agrees not to advertise in print or on any social media site to promote in any way any drink special or pre-purchased drinks as “free.”  At any time if this clause is breached the party is subject to immediate cancellation.  Lessee agrees that Lessor shall be entitled to recover from Lessee reasonable attorney’s fees and all other costs incurred by Lessor for enforcement of the terms, covenants and provisions of this agreement. The Lessee will be fully liable for any damage during the use of the facility
By agreeing to this rental contract the Lessee understands, acknowledges and agrees to all terms of this contract as stated above.